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As compared to an average pen, you will discover that a tactical pen comes with more rugged quality. It has a lot of functions instead of serving as a pen for writing purposes. For instance, you can break glass or even use the tip as a key that will unlock a handcuff. If you think this is something that you need as a self-defense tool or you are planning on giving one as a gift, you might want to check out our best tactical pen 2020 for a selection of items in this category to guide you with your search. We have hand-picked these products to give you great options on what to look for based on your needs.

What are the features you should consider when searching for a good tactical pen to buy? One, it needs to be discreet. You want it to look like a typical pen instead of something that appears as a weapon or knife. This way, people around you will not feel uncomfortable around you. Another thing is the grip. It needs to have a secure and comfortable grip in your hands, particularly when they are sweaty. The pen should have effective knurling in it for a grippy quality. Next, it should come with a pocket clip. You want to keep it secure in your pocket, particularly if you find yourself in a tough situation. The last thing you want to happen is to be in a difficult situation only to realize that your pen got lost!

And of course, you need to make sure that your pen has all the right features you need. It should be equipped with a wide range of functions such as a handcuff key, glass breaker, and other cool features that will come in handy when you need a tool to keep you safe during critical situations.

Best Tactical Pen 2020

Take a look at our top 10 best tactical pens in 2022 reviews and find your most preferred item after learning more about the different features listed below. Here are our top picks that will surely give you a good idea of what to purchase for your unique requirements.


10. Practical Best Tactical Pen – Excellent tactical pen in 2022

This is an excellent tactical pen that comes equipped with several features such as a bottle opener, flashlight, ballpoint pen, and survival gear. There are two ink cartridges included, and there are also batteries added in, so you can start using it. We like the fact that this pen passes TSA security, so you will feel at ease having this with you. The material used is also sturdy and anti-rust, made of high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum.

Our only gripe about this product is that the glass breaker does not quite work as a pen cap. So it may be a bit of an inconvenience when you have to screw this piece back in the pen’s body. Other than that, we think it works quite well.

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9. Under Control Self Defense Tactical Pen – Best selling and very convenient

We are impressed with the build and quality of this tactical pen. It features a flashlight that has LED lights, so it is quite bright. It even comes with a glass breaker and a DNA defender. Plus, the belt clip is quite rugged, so it stays secure – you won’t end up losing the pen in tough situations. The pen is an excellent self-defense and tactical tool you can use. With a reasonable length that is just 6.5 inches, it is a very convenient and lightweight tool you can take with you anywhere you go.

Perhaps one thing to note about this product is that it is a bit too long for some people with shallow pockets. So you will need to put it in your purse instead of having it very close to you in times of emergency.

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8. The Atomic Bear Self Defense Pen – Great price with high quality

This is one of the best tactical pens that we like because it is sturdy and solid. We like the non-slip feel in your hand, so it stays secure for that good grip. You will love its good features including as a self-defense weapon and even as a writing tool. The material is military-grade and durable aluminum, so it is strong, yet lightweight at the same time. Perfect as a gift or something to keep for yourself, this pen is a great deal for your money.

For the most part, we think this pen is great because it comes with everything you need for the price. But you will have to unscrew the cap when you need to use the pen for writing. It is discreet, which is the best thing about it.

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7. Tactical LED Self-Defense Pen – Multi purposes tool

Tactic Ops features this well-designed and highly functional tactical pen that is perfect as a self-defense and writing tool. We like the superior strength of the material, which is aluminum that’s lightweight and solid at the same time. You can bring it with you anywhere you go and even give it as a gift to your loved ones. This pen also works as an emergency tool such as for breaking the glass and other purposes. There is a storage case, 3 pieces of batteries and the actual pen in a package.

One thing to note about this product is that it has a small button to activate the flashlight, which gets bumped on easily. When this happens, this instantly turns the flashlight on, and it is a bit of a nuisance when it is something you don’t intend to do.

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6. Professional Tactical Pen – Best bargain tactical pen in 2022

Perfect as a glass breaker, a writing tool, and a thing to use as an escape when faced in an emergency, this tactical pen works. It is lightweight and solid, and we like the anti-skid design that gives you a nice grip. You can count on this pen when you are out and about or just for daily use. With a discreet appearance, no one would assume this is a self-defense tool.

Overall, we think this tactical pen works. Just be careful when putting it in your pocket as it is a bit sharp when it touches your skin. Otherwise, it is great quality and highly functional tactical pen you can count on.

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5. TakeFlight Tactical Pen – Exceed your expectations

Whenever you need a dependable little gadget for self-defense, we think this tactical pen is a good choice for you. We like how it can be used for protecting yourself in tough situations, as well as just for writing purposes. It is 6 inches long with a diameter of 0.6 inches. Thus, it is a good size that can easily fit in your backpack, pocket, and purse. This pen can keep you safe and help you escape when trapped as it serves as a glass breaker, too.

This is without a doubt one of the best tactical pens there is. But we have noticed that the pen is not exactly what you can consider as something to break the glass. But it does work as a pen, which is good.

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4. Smith & Wesson Tactical Pen – Superb slim and lightweight

Perfect for use outdoors and every day carry, this is a good tactical pen from Smith & Wesson. It comes at a reasonable length of a little under 6 inches, and it only weighs 1.4 ounces. The pen is durable and made of aircraft aluminum that is solid and lightweight at the same time. You can easily access it in your pocket as it comes with a pocket clip. The top has a screw-off design, so it is a breeze to take it off when necessary. There are also pen refills included in the package.

Overall, this pen is a good buy. It is a bit on the steep side but we do not doubt that it gets the job done both as a self-defense tool and as a writing instrument.

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3. Gerber Impromptu Self Defense – Premium tactical pen in 2022

We think this self-defense pen is truly one of the best with its rugged and sturdy construction, as well as its stainless steel and solid pocket clip. You can keep it close to you and prevent it from falling out of your pocket because you can clip it in, so it is handy. The pen includes a glass breaker feature and a ballpoint function with just a push of a button. There is also an ink cartridge added in, which gives you spare ink for your needs.

What we like about this pen is that it has a convenient click system, as compared with a twist-cap style. But it is a tad heavy and the click button tends to get stuck initially. Other than that, we think this product works well.

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2. Take Flight Self Defense Pen – For both men and women

Heavy-duty and rugged, this pen is solid and works as a self-defense tool. You can protect yourself from attackers with this tactical pen. It features a glass breaker and a few other tools, making it the choice of professionals, SWAT, military pilots, and many others. You will love how well-made and solid this is, and you can clip it in your pocket or your Molle system.

The only thing to point out about this pen is the price point. It is a bit on the steep side. But considering the quality you can get from it, we can say it is worth every dollar you pay.

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1. KEPEAK Professional Tactical Pen – Affordable and functional

Last but not least, we bring to you our top pick, which is this tactical pen from Kepeak. It is a durable and functional pen that is crafted from tungsten steel with aluminum material for the body. It is highly portable and strong, and you can use it to break glass to escape in case you are trapped. We like that it has a low-key design, so it will not reveal its actual function as more than just a pen.

Our only concern about this pen is the weight. It is a bit on the heavy side, making it a little tough to use for writing. Otherwise, we think it is a smart and highly functional self-defense pen.

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There you have our top 10 best tactical pen 2020 reviews. With so many tactical pens out there, choosing the right one may seem tricky. But after presenting to you these great options, you should have an easier time deciding on the right one to buy for your particular needs.

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  1. I am a bit geeky when it comes to gizmos and gadgets. So I got curious on tactical pens, would want to buy one for myself. Whew, a lot of these do not come cheap but they look so cool! Thank you for this list, it really does help being provided various options that would fit my specifications the most. So excited in getting my hands on a tactical pen, but I do hope I do not need to use in a troubling situation!

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