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Best Towable Tubes 2020


Water sports are absolutely fun and exciting! When the weather permits, it is a great activity to bond with your family and friends, so it is best to head out there and have the tools you need. This is why we bring to you our best towable tubes 2020 reviews, with a collection of products in this category that matches your needs. Take a look at these items and their features to determine the right one that truly satisfies your expectations.

When you search for a towable tube, you need to keep in mind the durability of the item in question. It should be made of heavy-duty material such as nylon, so it will not burst too easily. The tube must be easy to deflate and inflate, which adds to the ease of getting it ready to use and for storage purposes. Plus, since this is towable, you want it to be hassle-free for you to connect the rope to get it towed for your convenience. If you are using these tubes for kids, it is important to secure them while allowing them to have fun while riding these tubes.

Best Towable Tubes 2020

Check out our best towable tubes 2020 reviews below. These are among our favorites, so be sure to have a look at each and learn more about the features they have to offer.

10. SPORTSSTUFF Warbird Chariot Towable Tube

This tube is designed to give you a lot of fun. It can fit up to 2 people, although it also works for just one. We are impressed with the quality it offers. For instance, you can use it for watersports and boating, which can be very fun for kids. The material is full nylon for the covering, which is smooth to the touch. Plus, there is a safety valve that allows for an efficient deflating and inflating process.

The drain holes could have been better in terms of the design. They do work at the moment but not very efficient, this is why an improvement could make things better for these tubes. The design is great, though!

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9. O’Brien Barca Inflatable Tubes

When you want to go tubing or boating, these adorable tubes are perfect for the job. This should accommodate as many as three riders or as long as the weight capacity of 510 pounds is not exceeded. The material is PVC, which is undeniably sturdy, as well as nylon for the covering. There is a tow hook that you can connect with ease, which adds to the safety feature of this tube.

One thing to note about this tube is that it does not remain balanced after a few months. There were reports of it not sitting perfectly right and well in the water, so be sure to prevent exceeding the weight limit.

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8. RAVE 2-Person Sports Warrior Tube

In terms of design and style, you will simply love this towable tube. The Sports Warrior offers riders the best fun of their lives for water sports and activities. There are seats included that offer stability, and you can tow it behind your pontoon or jet ski. The design is also comfortable as there are neoprene seats with a hammock style, so there is great protection from wild waves. Most importantly, it is a breeze to set it up and deflate for storage purposes.

We like many things about this tube. But then it tends to accumulate water. So there is the challenge of removing it, so that is something to think about with this tube.

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7. SereneLife Inflatable Tube

This lovely boat promises a lot of fun and excitement. There is a comfortable backrest with great stabilizer walls, so you can remain secure and safe while on it. The tow points are present in both the back and front. There are handles for you to hold on to. There are ten of these handles, and you should be able to stay secure. With a total of 3 persons capable of sitting in the tube, you can have a lot of fun… As long as you do not exceed 4500 pounds.

Overall, we are well pleased with this tube. It works well but then again, you have to keep in mind that the weight limit is something you need to be aware of. But other than that, this is well-made, durable and quite attractive, as well.

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6. WOW Max Towable Tube

Experience the thrill that water sports have to offer with this towable tube. You can take it to the beach, the river, or the lake, without any problem. This tube can accommodate as many as 3 riders, and just be sure to meet the weight capacity indicated in the package. The deck seating is secure, and even kids can ride it without a problem.

Just make it a point to hold on to the handles to prevent slipping out of it. This is a durable and sturdy tube, so you should not have any problem staying on the tube.

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5. Sportsstuff Bandwagon Tube

In terms of stability and comfort, you will be impressed with what this tube has to offer. This is a great tube that can hold a maximum of 4 riders, and you can rely on it for water sports and boating. You can connect a rope easily to tow the tube, and this also makes it quick to remove when needed. The cover is nylon and it is heavy-duty at the same time. With an EVA padding, this tube can prevent chaffing by protecting your skin.

We can honestly say that this tube is durable and massive! In fact, it is long and heavy, so it might be hard to lug around. But it can fit many people on it, which is a good thing about this tube.

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4. SPORTSSTUFF Poparazzi Tube

Great for water sports on the beach, lake, or the river, the Poparazzi offers loads of excitement. There is a safety valve added to make it easy and quick to deflate and inflate when necessary. The EVA padding is soft and comfortable. This is why you can rest your arms on it without worrying about hurting your skin. Plus, the unit can hold as many as 3 people for even more fun in the sun!

This is a heavy-duty tube that truly works for the price you pay. But it is heavy, so you will need a few people to carry it around since one person may find it difficult to carry. Other than that, it is definitely highly recommended.

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3. Airhead Patriot Tube

We are happy with this tube as it offers so much fun. The design is catchy and the color scheme is perfect. The towable tube is a great toy for your water sports and for the summer season. There is a comfortable backrest that is high enough for you to relax while the side walls offer support. There are EVA pads for added comfort while providing traction when you go around waves.

One thing we have noticed about it is that it is slightly wobbly when flipped. This can be a bit concerning when kids are riding this tube. But otherwise, it is absolutely well made and truly fun, so everyone will have a wonderful time in this tube.

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2. Sportsstuff Tube Super Mable

This is a roomy tube that can fit a maximum of 3 people. It is an excellent toy for boating and also for water sport. When you need a durable tube to use, this item will not disappoint. This is the kind of tube that you can take with you at the river, the beach, or the lake and tow it with your jet ski or pontoon. You will be pleased with how durable it is as the seams are well-made and without a reason for it to rip too easily.

Just keep in mind that it is only okay to have up to 2 adults on it. Having 3 on this tube may be pushing it, so you have to keep in mind what the weight limit is to avoid any problems. But as for the other aspects of this tube, we can say that it is absolutely perfect and a lot of fun to use.

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1. Airhead Mach Tube

Last but not least, we have this great towable tube from Airhead. It is suitable for up to 2 riders, as long as the weight limit is not exceeded. The tube is covered with nylon for comfort and smoothness. There are handles with padding, and these are cushioned for comfort. You can stay stable and secure while on this lovely tube

This is without a doubt a great tube. But it is a bit pricey, which can be a limiting factor for some people. But for the quality you pay for, it is absolutely worth it.

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There you have our best towable tubes 2020 reviews. We hope that you were able to decide on the item to buy after learning more about the features and limitations that these items have to offer.

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  1. We bought a faulty one dirt cheap, we didn’t get our money’s worth even if we paid so little for it. We didn’t get to enjoy it at all, the moment we rode in it, it got a huge hole and deflated. LOL. Do not nickel and dime your way out of everything, invest in a towable tube of value. Thank you for showing us this list of towable tubes, we feel confident with the choices available, it’s a far cry from the earlier one we bought.

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