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Are you heading out hunting or wildlife shooting? If so, you need the right tool for that purpose. A trail camera is a perfect device to bring as this allows you to take great shots of animals in the wild. This is also perfect for use when filming at night or day, so you don’t just have your still photos during your outdoor trip. Check out our best trail camera 2020 reviews below that should help you determine the right item to buy that is truly suitable for your particular needs.

When looking for a trail camera, you want to be sure that it has all the right features you need. For instance, it should be capable of capturing sharp and clear pictures whether at day or night. The night vision function is an important feature as this allows you to ensure a great quality of images. Adjustable sensitivity is another practical capability that you want. This lets you catch every single thing on the trail or your very own backyard – you definitely don’t want to miss a thing! With a decent memory included, you should be able to store as many pictures as possible. It is also worth looking into the battery life of the camera. One that can last for several hours, particularly when on standby is important. Lastly, water-resistance is another notable feature, which makes sure your camera is protected from dirt, dust, moisture, and sand.

Best Trail Camera 2020

Have a look at our recommended products in our best trail camera 2020 reviews below. Here, we have gathered a selection of items that will surely help you make the right purchase you will not regret.

10. Foxelli Hunting Trail Camera

There are so many things to love about this well-made trail camera from Foxelli. For instance, it features a high-resolution and great video/ photo quality. You can be sure that your photos turn out vibrant, crisp and sharp. We also like the night vision, which is upgraded to make night shots come out pretty nicely. This camera also lets you set it up quickly and easily without any fuss. Just insert the batteries and the microSD card, which is not included, and it should be good to go. With an IP66 rating, this camera is resistant to dirt, dust, moisture, and sand.

Our only concern with this camera is that it is a bit on the flimsy side. It is not your high-end trail camera, yet it does the job well and offers decent quality shots, which is good enough for your needs.

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9. APEMAN Night Vision Trail Camera

This is another brand and model of trail camera that we love. This Apeman trail camera is a good game camera that offers a 12 MP resolution to ensure the clarity and quality of videos and images captured. There is an IR technology to it that captures the natural behavior of wildlife. This allows you to capture excellent shots of these animals that are passing whether in total darkness or at day. With a low power function and fast trigger, this unit guarantees only the finest shots at all times.

For the most part, we think this camera is decent enough. We like motion detection, as well as the night vision. We would have wanted it to be HD resolution but it is fine the way it is for the price.

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8. TOGUARD Waterproof Trail Camera

Boasting of an impressive 14 MP, this trail camera is definitely one of the finest in the market today. We like the high-resolution feature, which is at 14 MP, as well as the 1080 P for videos. The fast trigger at 0.5s allows for an accurate capturing of movement while motion detection makes sure that you do not miss a thing. Plus, with a good rating of IP65, this is a rain-proof and drop-proof camera that should last for a long time.

Our only concern with this camera is that water tends to get on the lens easily at certain points, depending on the angle. But other than that, we are well-pleased with the quality of pictures and videos that this camera offers.

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7. OUDMON Wildlife Trail Camera

There are so many things to love about this trail camera from Oudmon. For instance, it offers 16 MP for the image quality, which guarantees you of clear and crisp images. The 1080P Full HD video also ensures you of high-quality videos at all times. There is a very fast trigger speed at 0.3s, as well as an adjustable sensitivity that makes it perfect for hunting and taking pictures of wildlife. We also like the bright LCD screen and the protective case of this camera that keeps this unit safe and secure at all times.

Perhaps the only drawback to this product is the tricky experience with setting the date. However, it is not a problem at all with setting up the time, so it should be ready to go in a few minutes.

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6. Moultrie Game Camera A-25

When you want a reliable and good quality trail camera for your outdoor activity, you can never go wrong with this product. It provides 12 MP resolution, as well as an IR flash with a maximum range of 60 feet. There are backlight controls and a user-friendly interface, allowing you to set up the camera quickly.

Overall, we can say that this camera works pretty well in shooting night and day photos, as well as videos. Nighttime videos are not exactly the best, though, but it still looks decent enough considering how reasonably-priced this camera is.

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5. Browning Strike Force Wildlife Camera

When you need a budget-friendly trail camera for your hunting, wildlife shooting, and camping activity, this camera should be perfect for you. It is a small camera, yet it really works in capturing those amazing shots that you want. This camera has a trigger speed of 0.4s, and there is a fast recovery time of up to 0.8s in between pictures. The image quality is at 16 MP, and we like the high quality of video clips you can create with this product.

For the most part, we are quite pleased with the features and capabilities of this trail camera. It does seem to lack a little bit of quality for the nighttime shots but other than that, we think this product is good enough for the price.

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4. Meidase Night Vision Trail Camera

If you are concerned that your nighttime shots and videos will end up looking bad, think again. This trail camera changes the way you feel about nighttime videos as this handy little device makes sure the quality is always outstanding. It is easy to use with an intuitive LCD screen built right into the unit. The trigger speed is at 0.2s, and this helps you to capture every single thing – no missed shots! Plus, with 3 modes to choose from, you can get the kind of shot you want that will never disappoint.

Our only concern with this camera is the sound quality. It does lack the clarity of sound that you can get from a more expensive camera. But for the rest of the features such as the trigger speed and picture quality, we think it is a good deal.

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3. Bushnell Trophy Trail Camera

With an HD quality for the camera, this handy little durable trail camera is truly satisfactory. We like the low-glow night vision LED flash it offers, as well as illumination and detection range at a reasonable distance. The video can record a maximum of 30 seconds while the game is right in front of the trail cam. Then it immediately stops once the subject has left the frame. Additional features include the temperature, date, time, and moon phase data stamps.

Overall, this product is good for the price. The viewing screen is not as wide but it does work, which makes it a must-have when you are in search of a practical and functional trail camera for your outdoor use.

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2. Victure Night Vision Trail Camera

We are impressed with the features and benefits that this trail camera offers. The full HD 1080 resolution, combined with the night and day sensor that turns on automatically, as well as the crisp images it captures are truly impeccable. The trigger sensitivity is amazing, so you can get consistently great shots and not miss a thing – even with a moving subject.

This is an entry-level trail camera that does well for the price. However, it is worth noting that the instructions could use improvement as it is a little unclear and challenging to comprehend, according to others.

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1. Campark Waterproof Trail Camera

Topping the list of our trail cameras is this one from Campark. We like the very clear image of the camera, as it offers a sharp resolution for the video quality, which goes up to 1080 P. This is a well-made and dependable camera with a 14MP resolution and full HD video quality. The trigger speed is also impressive at 0.3s. With a superb night vision function and sensitivity, it is capable of detecting movements and slight motions of wild animals when they are within the camera’s detecting range. Overall, great value for the money.

For the most part, this trail camera seems to do the job fine. The night shots are not perfect when it is pitch-black but it does work, which is an important thing about it.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our top 10 best trail camera 2020 reviews. Now, you have a better idea of which item to get after learning more about the different options in store for you. Please feel free to check again the features and the specifications of each item to help you make an informed buying decision you will not regret.

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