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Can Best Vitamin C Supplements Protect You From Coronavirus or Covid-19?


There is no evidence to prove that vitamin C can prevent or cure Coronavirus or Covid-19. However, vitamin C is known to boost our immune system and help with the flu. Technically, vitamin C improves the function and production of white blood cells which help fight against infection. In addition, vitamin C deficiency results in poor health condition. Our body does not generate enough vitamin C and we need a good regular diet to ensure that we have sufficient vitamin C. If you think your diet cannot generate sufficient vitamin C, you can safely take the best vitamin C supplements to ensure that you have a strong immune system. During this time, you might need vitamin C supplements to promote a strong immune system to protect yourself from Coronavirus or Covid-19.

Nevertheless, there aren’t any evidences that vitamin C can protect or cure Coronavirus or Covid-19. Although there have been news that hospitals in New York administer vitamin C to patients infected with Coronavirus (Covid-19), there is no scientific claim that the process works. You should properly wash your hands more often with hand sanitizer and maintain self-hygiene to protect yourself from this spreading virus. Please see the guidelines of how to protect yourself from Coronavirus or Covid-19 here. Moreover, you can read more about the updates on Coronavirus (Covid-19) from CDC website.

Facts About Vitamin C

  • Citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C. However, supplements are best to ensure that you consume sufficient vitamin C.
  •  According to Heathline, recommended daily intake for men is 90mg and for women is 75mg.
  • The risk of overdoes of vitamin C is not significant, just stomach upset, diarrhea or nausea.
  • Vitamin C is known to help boost immune system against cold and flu.
  • Deficiency in vitamin C causes many health risks.
  • Vitamin C cannot prevent or treat Coronavirus (Covid-19). However, it helps the production and function of white blood cells which is vital for our immune system.

Top 10 Best Vitamin C Supplements To Boost Immune System To Protect From Coronavirus (Covid-19)

There are many variety of vitamin C supplements available in the market, from pills to powder to chewable gums. Precisely, some people believe that powder supplement is easier to consume and the body could absorb it quickly. However, some people would simply prefer pills or chewable gums. Below is the list of the top 10 best vitamin c supplement that has been widely used and rated five stars.

10. Non-GMO Vitamin C Supplements with Citrus Bioflavonoids & Rose Hips – Best for elderly

Vivanaturals is a perfect vitamin C supplement to boost immune system. Firstly, it comes from L-ascorbic acid meaning it is naturally from food sources, unlike other supplements. Secondly, it is an excellent antioxidant to help with joint problem – a perfect supplement for elderly. Lastly, it is vegetarian friendly. The bottle contains 250 capsules which is good enough for more than 8 months.

However, the capsule might be a little big for some people which is a setback of this supplement. Other than that, it is worth your money.

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9. Vitamin C by Ester-C for 24 Hour Immune Support – Gentle for your stomach and best to boost immune system

Ester-C is very gentle for your stomach and more importantly, it is lactose free. In addition, Ester-C tastes very good, which makes it easier to consume daily. A tablet of Ester-C supports your immune up to 24 hours. You do not need to worry about vitamin C deficiency anymore. Obviously, consumers give Ester-C five stars as the best vitamin C supplement to boost immune system to protect from Coronavirus or Covid-19.

We recommend this supplement as a daily intake for adults, not children. Please go through the next item below for kid’s vitamin C supplement.

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8. ChildLife Essentials Liquid Vitamin C Immune Support – Perfect for children to boost immune system

If you are looking for vitamin C to boost your children’s immune system, ChildLife is your perfect choice. Firstly, it is liquid which is easy for children to consume. You can mix it with juice or milk or any other drinks. Not only that, but it is suitable for children aged 6 months to 12 years. Secondly, there is no added sugar and the taste is good – orange like. Lastly, the price is very affordable considering the quality it contains. This is the best vitamin C supplement to boost your children’s immune system during this Coronavirus (Covid-19) season.

Be careful with the cap once you have opened it and take it out for travelling with. The already opened cap might get loose easily.

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7. MEGA-DOSE Vitamin C by Dr. Farrah World – Easy to consume, five stars as a superb vitamin C supplement to protect from Coronavirus or Covid-19

Looking for an enjoyable way to consume vitamin C to boost your immune system to protect against Coronavirus (Covid-19)? MEGA-DOSE is powered vitamin C that you can mix with any drink, even shake or smoothie. This vitamin C powder is recommended by doctor to improve your immune system. Many consumers are very happy and energized after they have been using it for a while. In return, they rate five stars for this product.

MEGA-DOSE is a little expensive but surely worth the price. If you care more about your health, we absolutely recommend this product.

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6. Pure Acerola Cherry Powder Organic – Ideal for smoothie lovers to consume vitamin C

If you love making and drinking shake/smoothie, you will find this Acerola Powder irresistible. Firstly, it contains sufficient amount of vitamin C in a daily dose for an adult without upsetting the stomach. It naturally comes from Acerola without any added artificial color or taste. Secondly, it is USDA certified and vegan friendly. More importantly, you can mix it with your smoothie to enhance the quality and taste of your smoothie.

This vitamin C powder dissolves quickly and thoroughly in warm water which you might take into consideration when you consume it.

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5. Emergen-C Hydration+ Sports Drink Mix With Vitamin C – Great for active/sport players to improve immune system to protect from Coronavirus or Covid-19

For people who are active, you will need to replenish the hydration along with vitamin C to stay strong. According to WHO and CDC, physical active along with proper hand washing can protect us from Coronavirus (Covid-19). Thus, exercise is very important at this time as all the time. Emergen-C Hydration contains lemon lime flavor which replenish your body with water and vitamin C to keep your immune system strong. Precisely, the product is low in sugar because it does not contain any artificial sweetener or flavor. This is perfect vitamin C supplement for active people to boost their immune system during this Coronavirus or Covid-19 spreading.

If you are not really active or do not need to replenish hydration, this product could be expensive for you.

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4. Liquid Vitamin C 16oz – Rapid absorption for body to strengthen immune system

Dr. Advantage receives five stars as the best vitamin C liquid to improve immune system against various health problems. More importantly, it is lab tested and FDA registered. Dr. Advantage does not contain any artificial flavor or sweetener making it very gentle with the stomach. Consumers like this product for the fact that it absorbs rapidly without any side effect.

Obviously, this vitamin C liquid can be pricy because of its superb high quality. However, thinking about how terrible and widely spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19), your immune system is precious and important to keep you safe.

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3. Umeken C-Balance High Potency Vitamin C – Best value of six packs, ideal for the whole family

Given the fact that you also have to protect yourself and your family, C Balance is the best option to replenish your body with vitamin C to promote your immune system. Firstly, it comes in a pack of six bottles, each bottle is 200 grams. Additionally, one tablet is equal to one or two lemons. C Balance is chewable and yummy which both adults and children will like to eat it. You can easily swallow it if you do not want to chew because it is very small.

Lastly, it is made in Japan as a high quality vitamin C supplement.
Because it comes in a pack of 6 bottles, it might be suitable for big family. Family with kids could enjoy this chewable pill.

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2. Pure Ascorbic Acid 1 Kilogram – Good bargain with superb high quality

This fine powder is best for anyone who looks for budget vitamin C, yet high quality. It is made in USA without any addictives. Dual Health completed lab tested to produce this fine powder to provide you vitamin C to boost your immune system. The package comes with sealed for your convenience and freshness. Basically, it dissolves quickly.

The powder is easy to intake and you can mix it with any liquid. However, it might not be practically for travelling given the package. Tablet or pill might be easier to drag along.

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1. It’s Just – Vitamin C Powder, Food Grade – Top vitamin C to boost immune system to stay healthy during Coronavirus (Covid-19)

Precisely, this vitamin C powder is a supplementary diet to promote your immune system to fight against cold or flu. It contains no GMO and easily dissolves in all kinds of drink. Obviously, this powder is plain and does not have any artificial enhancing color or taste. You can feel free to mix it with your drink as there is no added sugar in this vitamin C powder. Lastly, it is easy to mix powder with liquid for children to intake.

If you want to mix with liquid for children, you might want to mix with smoothie or juice rather than plain water to ensure that it is tasty for children to take.

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The Bottom Line

During this time of Coronavirus or Covid-19, we must stay strong and healthy to protect ourselves from this deadly and spreading virus. Although vitamin C cannot prevent or cure Covid-19 (Coronavirus), vitamin C helps boost our immune system by ensuring proper and adequate function and production of white blood cells. Moreover, vitamin C deficiency can cause many health problems. Follow the guidance from WHO and CDC, along with vitamin C supplement intake will absolutely boost your immune system and protect you from Coronavirus (Covid-19). Our above list contains the top vitamin C supplement that definitely helps boost your immune system.

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