Top 10 Best Waterproof Floating Phone Cases in 2021 Reviews


It can be a seriously devastating issue for some people when they end up causing damages to their phones. This is why great care needs to be applied when you are heading out into the water with your mobile device. In our top 10 best waterproof floating phone cases in 2021 reviews, we have gathered a selection of products in this category. Have a look at each of the cases below to guide you best in making the right purchasing decision that addresses your needs.

When it comes to buying a waterproof floating phone case, there are two types to think about. For instance, there is a waterproof regular case that can snap securely on your phone and prevent it from getting wet. There is another one that looks more like a dry bag, which is great for water sports. The size is pretty much versatile and universal and even valuables can fit inside. If you can find a case that is floatable or one that has a bright color, it is even better for when you need to take your phone with you while on the beach or other water sports activities.

Besides, here you can get a screen protector for your iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 Pro Max to ensure that your phone is always in good condition.

Best Waterproof Floating Phone Cases in 2021 Reviews

With all of these things in mind, let us have a look at the different options you’ve got when it comes to find the top rated waterproof floating phone cases in 2021. We have selected these products for you to help you make an informed decision that you will not regret.


10. Cambond Anti-Break Necklace Waterproof Phone Case – Best certified waterproof phone case in 2021

This is a great phone case with a waterproof functionality. The air padding circle that is found on the edges of the pouch gives it the capability to float. We also like how you can easily keep your precious phone protected from moisture and water as this is an IPX8-rated pouch. In addition, the material used is ABS, which is food grade, and there is a tight seal that secures your phone well.

For the most part, we think that it works very well with keeping any water or moisture out of your device. It does not seem to float too well but in terms of its waterproof feature, it is hands down the best.

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9. F-color Floating Waterproof Pouch – Ideal for iPhones

Just one pack of this waterproof phone case and you will receive four – perfect for your friends and family members. We think this is an amazing phone case that you can use up to 20 meters underwater, and it is also snowproof and dirtproof. This product works with a number of iPhone models, as well as a few Android phones. The cover is clear on both the front and back, and it offers touch screen functions, so you can still use your phone even when enclosed in this case.

Overall, we like how effective it is in shielding phones from moisture and water. However, it tends to cloud a bit over time but it is not a deal-breaker at all.

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8. Waterproof Floating Phone Case – Top rated waterproof floating phone case for water sports in 2021

Another good quality phone case that we love is this product. It is waterproof and works for any model of a cell phone when you want to use it in the water. The rating is IPX8, and this is perfect up to 100 feet. This is why when you want to go diving, kayaking, surfing, and swimming, this phone case is quite a great product to use. It also comes with a touch screen functionality to make it easy for you to text or take pictures using your phone camera even when in the case.

According to a user, this product does not work well with the Samsung Galaxy S9. It has a window, which is also not too big, so the back camera cannot be used easily. Other than that, we are happy with how this phone case works.

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7. ProCase Waterproof Cell Phone Case – With side button, perfect for iPhones

This waterproof case is just like a dry bag, and you can fit a smartphone in it, as long as it does not exceed 6.8 inches in length. This unit is also waterproof up to 100 feet, and it has a rating of IPX8. It is also snowproof, dirtproof, in addition to being waterproof for all of your adventures and sports activities. As a bonus, it comes with a neck strap, so you can carry it conveniently anywhere you want to go.

We like this well-made phone case with a waterproof feature, as it makes it easy to still have access to the phone’s function even when enclosed in this case. However, it may be tough to deal with the closing mechanism.

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6. Mpow Waterproof Phone Case – Scratch resistant and secure seal

A well-built waterproof phone pouch, this product is definitely one of the finest ones in the market today. We like its waterproof rating of IPX8, which means it is good to use at up to 100 feet in the water. You can take your phone with you when placed in the case, whether you are out rowing, swimming, skiing, or fishing. This is a universal case for your phone, and iPhones, Samsung and Google phones can fit in it without any hassle at all.

Perhaps the only thing about this product that is not quite impressive is the fact that the screen can be a bit tough to see-through plastic. But other than that, it does keep the device dry.

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5. smartlle Universal Phone Case Waterproof – With sensibility for screen touch

We are happy with our purchase of this waterproof phone case that is compatible with various models including the iPhone Samsung, Motorolla, and others. This bag comes with a touch screen sensibility, which means you can easily operate your phone even when in the pouch. It is also very protective of your device and keeps it dry and safe from dirt and other external elements. This product is also durable and should be able to last for a long time.

A few customers have noticed that it is a bit too tight when you use it with larger phones. But the good thing about it is that it does protect the phone from moisture and damages, which is the most important thing.

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4. YOSH Phone Pouch Waterproof – Super cheap waterproof phone case lanyard

With a waterproof capacity of up to 100 feet, this IPX8-rated pouch works well even when you need to use your device in the water. In fact, you will have no problem having your device with you when kayaking, fishing, swimming, or surfing. It is compatible with various cell phones as this dry bag has a large size. Providing optimum protection to your device, it is protected from snow, dust, scratch, dirt, and water.

Our only reminder about this product is to make sure it is sealed properly before you head in the water. It can be tough to work with when you need to get the device out because it really closes shut but overall, we think this product works.

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3. JOTO Waterproof Universal Pouch – Best buy with many different bright colors

We are impressed with this universal pouch that you can use for your phone. It can also fit your wallet, credit card, and money, so you can take these items with you when you go kayaking, boating, fishing, and so much more. The rating it has is IPX8, and it is great for use in the water, in the sand, and also in the snow. With a snap and lock mechanism, this can keep your device free from external elements without any compromises.

Perhaps the only slight issue with this product is that it is a bit too big to put in your pocket. But other than that we are well pleased with this item that really does a good job at protecting your device from moisture and damages.

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2. Fitfort Waterproof Phone Pouch – Superb thin and transparent for touch sensibility

If you are in search of a phone pouch that you can truly rely on in terms of its waterproof capability, then this product is just right for you. It is compatible with a number of phone models and it can be sealed perfectly to prevent any external elements from getting in. The case is crafted from high-quality materials that are PVC and PC, and it is transparent, so you can still use your phone and take pictures even when the device is inside the case. With a swivel lock style for the closing mechanism, it is a smart case you will absolutely love.

Overall, we think this product works well for the purpose it serves. The lanyard is a bit flimsy, though, so you can choose to replace it with something sturdier that will not break easily.

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1. Hiearcool Waterproof Pouch – Top large floating waterproof phone cases in 2021

Last but not least, we have this waterproof pouch from Hiearcool. It is a breeze to open and close, which is what we like about it. The cover is also transparent, allowing you to use the camera without blocking it. The unit can also be submerged in water without causing any issue to your device. With decent size, it should fit your devices easily and protect it from dirt, water, snow, and other elements.

According to most users, they are happy with how easy it is to open and close this pouch. But it does have a thin feel to the material, which means it needs special care to help prolong its lifespan.

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There you have our top 10 best waterproof phone case in 2021 reviews. We hope that by now, you were able to select the right item to buy that will surely give you the best bang for your buck.

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