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Best Women Bathrobe in 2022


Have a look at our list of the best women bathrobe in 2022. We have gathered a vast selection of products in this category. Perfect for lounging, these bathrobes will make you feel comfortable and cozy. Who wouldn’t want a soft and smooth bathrobe each time you watch TV on the couch or grab your morning coffee in the kitchen? So, check out these top-rated products and take your pick from the different options below.

Buying a bathrobe is tricky. There are so many designs to choose from. But when it comes to purchasing the right one, you need to take a look at key features. Here are just some of the things worth looking at before you buy. First, consider the material. Cotton is a great fabric as it is soft, smooth, and gentle to your skin. It is usually a great option for those who have sensitive skin because of its hypoallergenic quality. Next, think about the fit. It needs to be just the right level of snugness to your body. Bathrobes also come with a belt closure, which allows you to adjust the tightness around your waist.

Best Women Bathrobe in 2022

Additionally, you may want to have some pockets. While it is not an absolute necessity, pockets do add to the functionality of your robe. And lastly, make sure it is easy to clean. Choose one that is machine-washable to make it quick and simple for you to maintain the cleanliness of your robe. Allow us to present to you our top 10 best women bathrobe in 2022 list. Check out the different features of each item to determine the right fit for your needs.


10. UGG W Duffield li

This is quite a beautiful robe that is soft and smooth. It is made of 94 percent cotton, which makes it very gentle to your skin. The robe comes with a belt closure, allowing you to easily tighten the robe. This is perfect for helping you achieve the right fit you want. We also love the shawl collar for the design. It even has side pockets on the on-seam, perfect for placing your phone, keys, or other things.

We love how smooth and cozy this robe is – just like snuggling up with a thick blanket. Washing it is also quick and simple. It is machine-washable, which adds to the ease of maintaining this robe. Just make it a point to check the size chart to get the right fit you need.

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9. UGG W Blanche li

This robe is a shorter version of the brand’s usual longer robe. It is indeed one of the best women bathrobe in 2022 for so many reasons. One, it is undeniably soft and cozy. There is a belted waist, which helps you to tighten it and keep it snug. The belt also adds a flattering style to your robe. This is why it is one of our highly recommended products for the price.

There are definitely so many things to love about this beautiful robe. The price is slightly steep but you get what you pay for. It comes in such a high quality that is absolutely worth every dollar you pay.

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8. Pinzon Bathrobe

Available in terry cotton, this bathrobe is so cozy to the touch. It is pure cotton-made, which makes it unbelievably plush and smooth. It offers your skin that luxurious feeling – just like stepping out of the spa. The fabric is also breathable. This is why you will find it perfect to wear anytime. The material is also quick-drying and absorbent. You can wear this after a shower or while lounging. There are 2 pockets on the front for keeping small items secure.

When you need great quality bathrobe, this one from Pinzon is a wonderful option to consider. It is truly smooth and soft. You will love cuddling up in this robe and feel sheer comfort each time. Definitely a must-have during winter and other colder months.

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7. N Natori Bathrobe

There are so many things to appreciate about this beautiful bathrobe. It is cozy, yet lightweight at the same time. In fact, it is not bulky at all, and we love the breathable plush lining to it. The material is also soft and smooth. If you have sensitive skin, then this robe is ideal for you. The length is also just right.

One thing to note is that the darker colors look a little dull. But in terms of quality, it is definitely a fantastic product that is worth the buck.

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6. PajamaGram Cotton Robe

Great for lounging and sleeping, these robes from PajamaGram are just perfect. The oversized design works for feeling comfortable and cozy. We also love the ultra-soft cotton material. It is also lightweight, yet made of the finest quality. Since there is no bulk to this robe, it will not weigh you down. The material is also durable, so you can wash it often and not worry about damages to the fabric.

Do keep in mind that this robe runs large. So, you will have to be careful when it comes to cleaning it. Other than that, it is a good product for the price you pay.

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5. PajamaGram Women’s Fleece Robe

Up next in our best women bathrobe in 2022 is this one from PajamaGram. We are impressed with the roomy fit that this robe has to offer. You can choose from a number of sizes, which should fit you well. The fleece material is super soft and lightweight. You can expect to stay warm with this robe without feeling like it is weighing you down. Lastly, there is ample storage thanks to the pockets. You can keep your glasses, book, and phone it it without any problem.

One thing we have noticed about this product is that the sleeves are a little long. But this is not a problem at all since you can always roll it up. Other than that, it is a solid robe that offers you a bang for your buck.

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4. NY Threads Fleece Robe

Feel pampered and cozy each time you wear this robe. The shawl collar is stylish and comfortable. You will surely be able to stay cozy and warm each time you wear this robe. There is also an adjustable belt on the waist. You can close it securely to achieve a snug fit. The front pockets are also a night touch to the robe. Perfect for giving you some storage.

There are so many different reasons to fall in love with this fleece robe. But we have noticed that the price is just slightly higher than most. For the quality you get, though, it is truly worth the extra price compared to cheaper and lower quality products.

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3. Alexander Del Rossa Fleece Bathrobe

The hood is just one of the most beautiful features of this robe. You can use it to keep your head and neck properly protected during very cold months. The fabric is plush and 330 GSM type of coral fleece. You can expect to stay comfortable and cozy with this robe. And with a tie on the inside and outside, you can keep this ribe secure around the waist.

For the most part, we think this bathrobe is gorgeous. It is just a bit too long. So, make sure that you check your height and compare it with the size chart provided for this item.

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2. Richie House Plush Bathrobe RH1591

And now we’re on to the next one of our best women bathrobe in 2022 – the Richie House Plush robe. This is a comfortable and warm robe to have. It comes with a self-belt design, allowing you to keep it snug on your body. The material is strong and sturdy, yet super comfortable against your skin. You will surely love having this robe during those lazy weekends or after a home spa experience.

This is without a doubt an excellent bathrobe you want to get. The fabric is super smooth and soft, and it is durable, too. This is why this is the kind of robe that you will want to have for a long time.

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1. Amazon Essentials Waffle Robe

Taking the lead in our top 10 best women bathrobe in 2022 is this one from Amazon Essentials. It is part cotton and part polyester, which makes it absolutely soft and smooth. The tie closure allows you to keep it snug around you. It is also machine washable for ease of keeping it well-maintained and clean. With a breathable and lightweight cotton material, it is smooth and gentle to your skin.

Overall, we simply love this waffle robe from Amazon Essentials. Do keep in mind that the lighter colors are a bit see-through. So, you would want to wear something inside in this case. As for the fit and feel, this robe is truly perfect.

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There you have our top 10 best women bathrobe in 2022 list. After learning more about your options, you are now prepared to choose the right one for you. We hope we were able to assist you in making a choice after determining your key options and what to expect from each featured item in our review.

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