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Best Womens Jean Shorts in 2022


Get your style on and find the best womens jean shorts in 2022 from our list below. Jean shorts are always stylish no matter what age you are. This is why we proudly present to you our top picks in this category for you to choose from. Take a look at these products we have carefully selected to help you determine what to buy. Then, you can decide the item that truly matches your needs best.

Jean shorts come in different styles and sizes. With so many options available, it is best to take a look at key features to help you determine the right item to buy. For instance, you need to make sure that the material is stretchy. This is why you should look for a cotton material that is good for this purpose. Some jeans can be hard and rough on the skin. But if you get yourself a stretchy material, then it should be easy to wear and remove.

Best Womens Jean Shorts in 2022

Moreover, we recommend that you check the length. You will find jean shorts that go below your knees while some are up to your mid-thighs. Your choice largely depends on what you think suits your body type. Next, think about the pockets. You would want jean shorts with a good number of pockets. As a result, you can easily fit in small items such as your keys, phone, and others. Have a look at our best womens jean shorts in 2022 list below. Check out these items and learn more about what each has to offer.


10. Amazon Brand Turn-Cuff Denim Short

This is a smooth and soft denim short that is gentle to your skin. It is crafted from 93 percent cotton, which is great for your body. The material is not just soft but durable, too. In fact, you should be able to throw this into the washer without any problem. As it is premium denim, it should last for a long time. Most importantly, it is stylish and fashionable. You will love pairing this off with your favorite shirt or tank top.

We love the great fit that these denim shorts offer. However, in-seam can be a bit too thick for some people. But when it comes to fit, we think this product is absolutely perfect.

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9. LEE Chino Short

Next up in our best womens jean shorts in 2022 is the Lee Chino short. It is stylish and trendy, which makes it a popular choice among women. The material used is cotton and spandex. This is why these shorts are ultra-comfortable to wear. We also love the zip-fly closure to these shorts. This makes it easy to put on and take off. Additionally, these shorts come with a regular, mid-rise fit. You will definitely experience the ease of movement each time you wear these shorts. These are perfect for casual activities like going to the mall, the beach, and so on.

Our only gripe about these shorts is that the back pockets are hard to access. They are a tad too small and somewhat shut. So, the only thing you can fit in these pockets is your pens and similar objects. Other than that, everything else is good about these shorts.

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8. LookbookStore Distressed Mid-Rise Denim Shorts

Classy and flattering, these denim shorts are one of the best womens jean shorts in 2022. This is the perfect summer and spring outfit to wear. The ripped design gives it a trendy vibe. There are also raw-edge cuffs located at the hems. As for the pockets, we love the fact that there are 5 of these. Thus, you can securely place small items in these shorts. This is a great outfit to wear while shopping, partying, or just hanging out at the mall.

One thing to note about these shorts is that the length is just perfect. They are not too short or too long. Moreover, you can easily fold the hems up to further shorten it as you wish. Definitely a good value for the price you pay.

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7. Govc Summer Denim Shorts

The Govc is suitable for women of all shapes and sizes. These shorts have a high-waist design, which lets you show off your curves. The material is more of a jegging fabric. Thus, it keeps the shorts stretchy and softer. You can also choose from different sizes for these shorts. As a result, it should be easy to find the perfect fit that works for you.

There are indeed so many things to love about these denim shorts from Govc. These are stylish and definitely comfortable. Just make it a point to check the size chart to get the right fit that suits you.

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6. LEE Bermuda Shorts

Next up in our list of the best womens jeans shorts in 2022 is the Lee Bermuda shorts. What we like most about these shorts is the soft quality of the fabric. It is 98 percent cotton, so it is undeniably smooth and soft. The Bermuda style is classic and never goes out of style. We also love the relaxed fit it comes with. The shorts fall right on your knee, so it is great for those who like shorts that are not too “revealing.”

In terms of comfort, there is no doubt that these shorts meet that criterion. These are elegant, yet classy at the same time. You will love having these shorts for your beach trip or just about anytime you want.

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5. Amazon Essentials Bermuda Denim Shorts

Another quality product in our list is this one from Amazon Essentials. These Bermuda shorts are undeniably comfortable and practical. It is a mixture of different fabrics such as cotton and polyester. Therefore, it is smooth, flexible, and versatile. The material is premium-quality. This is why you can be sure that it will last a long time. The hem also looks neat and overall, the shorts are above the knee.

If what you want is a versatile pair of shorts, you can never go wrong with these Bermuda shorts from Amazon Essentials. They are stylish and practical – a great outfit for people of all body types.

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4. PHOENISING Distressed Stretchy Shorts

These distressed shorts basically scream out style. These come with frayed hems, which are quite cute. The material is lightweight and comfortable. This is why you will love to wear these shorts on a hot and humid day. There is a zipper fly, as well. As a result, it should be fast and easy to close up the zipper to keep the shorts secure. The fit is a bit on the slim side. This is perfect for flaunting your beautiful curves with style.

Just keep in mind that these shorts do have a bit of a tight fit. So, you may want to order one size bigger to achieve the right fit for you. Otherwise, these are amazing shorts that will suit you just fine.

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3. Levi’s 501 Denim High Rise Women’s Shorts

When it comes to denim shorts, Levi’s 501 is a popular choice of many. It is crafted from 99 percent cotton, so it is gentle to your skin. The elastane material added in is what keeps it stretchy and flexible. These shorts have a button-fly closure to give you an excellent fit. As for the fit, it is a high-rise. This is why it is specifically suitable for women who like to flaunt their gorgeous curves.

Hip and stylish, these denim shorts are beyond perfect. The price may be a bit steep but for the amazing quality you get, we can say it is truly worth it. Definitely a must-have for every woman looking for high-quality denim short.

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2. Levi’s Mid-Length Denim Shorts

Stylish and sassy, there are indeed so many things to love about these denim shorts from Levi’s. It sits right at your waist to flatter your curves perfectly well. On the thigh portion, it is a bit on the slim side. This is why it is perfect for those looking for a trendy, yet classic pair of shorts. There is also a reasonable in-seam length.

We think that these shorts are more on the modest side – which is great. But if you are leaning more towards a shorter pair of denim shorts, these may appear to be a bit too long for you. Otherwise, we highly recommend it for the superior quality of materials it is made of.

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1. luvamia Frayed Hem Denim Shorts

Our list of the best womens jean shorts in 2022 will never be complete without this product from luvamia. We love the fact that these shorts have a nice, slim fit without losing a touch of style. It is stretchy, as well. This is why you will not find your movements are a bit too limited while wearing these shorts. There is a zipper and button closure in the front. As for the pockets, there are 5 of these for keeping small, personal items.

This is hands down one of the best jean shorts for women today. They do look amazing and are versatile. If you want a great pair of shorts that never go out of style, these shorts are just the perfect choice.

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It can be overwhelming finding the perfect pair of shorts to buy. There are different lengths, styles, and designs to choose from. But after checking out our list of the best womens jean shorts in 2022, we hope you were able to find the right choice for you. Be sure to compare the different features to guide you best in your purchasing decision.

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