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Best Women’s Sandals in 2022


Pamper your feet with the best women’s Sandals in 2022. These sneakers are perfect for long walks, especially on a hot day. So, we invite you to check out the following items and determine the perfect fit for you. Take a look at the different features they come with, which should help you determine the right product that suits you best. You should be able to find just what you want as you go through the different options below.

Finding an excellent pair of women’s Sandals can be tricky. There are just so many choices out there with different styles and designs. But when searching for the perfect pair, you need to consider important features. For instance, you should consider the size. This is the very first thing to look into when buying sneakers. You need to make sure that the width and length are exactly what suits your feet best. Next up, consider the material. The footbed should be soft and the soles need to be non-slip. You want to achieve comfort with every step, which you can achieve with a soft and comfortable footbed. Additionally, be sure to consider the upper design.

Best Women’s Sandals in 2022

Although this can be an aesthetic component, it should be well-made and smooth. The material must not rub up against your skin and cause discomfort to your foot. These are just some of the things to look into when choosing the best women’s sneakers in 2022. With all these things in mind, let us go over these featured items. Check out our top picks for the best women’s sandals in 2022 to determine what works best for your unique needs.


10. Birkenstock Mayari Women’s Sandals

Birkenstock is a reputable brand of sandals. This is why it is not surprising that it fits our best women’s sneakers in 2022 list. This product is crafted from genuine leather. Thus, it is durable and elegant. The sole is also non-slip to provide you with stability. As for the footbed, it is a cork latex material. It is shaped to match your feet well. There are also two straps to keep your feet secure. Lastly, the upper is nubuck leather that is chic and sturdy.

Our only observation about these sandals is the snug fit. It is a little bit too tight on the feet. But what’s good about this footwear is that it is solid and durable. You can expect it to last for a long time.

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9. Teva Tirra Women’s Sandal

Next up in our best women’s sneakers in 2022 is the Tirra sandal from Teva. We simply love so many things about this product. It comes with a rubber sole that keeps you stable and secure. As for the upper, it is ultra chic and feminine-looking. The strappy design is catchy and aesthetically-pleasing. You can expect a secure fit at all times. We also love the addition of the Microban Zinc on the footbed. This helps to keep your feet fresh and odor-free.

Some people complain about the ankle strap being a bit too stiff. However, over time, this portion gets softer. So, it is not exactly a drawback but even adds great support to your feet.

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8. Chaco ZX2 Classic Sandal

This Chaco sandal is one of the best women’s sneakers in 2022. It features a 100 percent textile material that is undeniably soft and supportive. The rubber sole is also shock-absorbing to protect your feet with every stride. There is also a webbed upper that is adjustable. With a riser added, this keeps your feet clean. The rubber outsole has a 3-millimeter lug that is non-marking and non-slip.

One thing to note about this product is the price point. We think it is just a tad too steep. But for the quality you get, we can say it is absolutely worth it. Thus, it is a good investment for your money.

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7. Teva Universal Sandal

There are so many things to love about the classic sandal for women by Teva. This comes with a rubber sole, which is shock-absorbing. The upper has a polyester webbing. It is eco-friendly and water-resistant. Thus, you should have no issue even when it gets wet with water. Moreover, we love the hook and loop type of closure of this sandal. This allows you to put it on and remove it with ease. Lastly, the footbed comes with an EVA foam material. As a result, it offers a soft feeling on your feet with every step.

In terms of comfort and ease, you can never go wrong with this universal classic sandal from Teva. But you may consider ordering one size smaller because it does come with a very tight fit. Other than that, it is a fantastic sandal worth a purchase.

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6. Clarks Breeze Sea Women’s Flip-Flop

We are quite impressed with the quality that this Clarks sandal offers. This is why it deserves a spot in our best women’s sneakers in 2022 reviews. It fits well and looks good. The material also gives a nice, springy feeling to your feet. Moving around with these flip-flops is fast, effortless, and comfortable. Furthermore, the price is just right for the quality you get from these flip-flops.

At first glance, you may think that this is just an ordinary flip-flop. It does look plain, and it comes with a rather cheap price tag. But you will be impressed with the level of comfort that you can get from this high-quality flip-flop.

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5. Viakix Athletic Sandals

For active women, the Viakix sandals have so much to offer. It is stylish and practical, which makes it ideal for hiking and long walks. It offers you a relaxed and comfortable fit. You will surely have an amazing time getting to your destination with these durable and well-made sandals. Plus, it is easy to adjust the tightness, too, as you wish. So, you will have an excellent time with these sandals that offer superior support to your feet.

One thing to note about these sandals is the price point. We think they are a tad too pricey. The appearance is a bit on the plain side. But it is undoubtedly comfortable and easy on the feet. Therefore, it is a fine item to purchase.

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4. Merrell Terran Post II

Rugged and classy, the Terran Post II is just the perfect combination you are looking for in a high-quality sandal. It is crafted from the finest Nubuck leather, which makes it durable and comfortable. We also like the mesh lining added in. This offers a breathable quality to the sandal – perfect for those long walks. As for the footbed, it is microfiber. This keeps this portion soft and gentle on your feet.

Overall, we love the supportive quality of the sandals. The footbed does have a cushy feel, which is fantastic. Just be sure to dry it completely after washing. This way, the material will not emit a nasty odor.

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3. Mephisto Helen Women’s Sandals

Next up in our best women’s sneakers in 2022 list is the Mephisto Helen. These sandals are chic and comfortable at the same time. You will love having this footwear during those long walks. The soles are rubber while the top portion is crafted from leather. This is an excellent combination that makes these sandals look absolutely amazing. With a combination of cork, leather, and rubber, these are all great materials to keep your feet supported.

There are definitely so many wonderful things about these sandals. The colors are nice, which add to the aesthetic appeal of the sandals. While it may not be very cheap, as compared with other brands, it is truly reasonable because of the quality you get.

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2. Vionic Rio Sandals

Update your sense of fashion with these beautiful sandals from Vionic. The uppers are leather and feature great-quality straps. You will be able to adjust the tightness quickly and effortlessly. The footbed is molded with a fabric lining. This design adds comfort to the overall style and build of the sandal.

In terms of comfort, the Rio sandals tick the box. However, it does seem to cause your feet to slide on the footbed. So, it may be worth buying a special insole to keep your feet in place. Otherwise, the rest of the features of this sandal are amazing.

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1. MEGNYA Walking Sandals

Get maximum support and comfort you want from a practical sandal. The Megnya walking sandal comes with the finest quality you will love. The uppers have a nylon, hand-woven cord. This is why you will find it elegant and functional. You will absolutely enjoy those long walks with these sandals because they are attractive and comfortable. Lastly, these are water-resistant, too. So, you can enjoy going to the beach and engaging in water activities with these sandals without any hassle.

Overall, this is an amazing pair of sandals for the price. Just make it a point to check the size chart carefully before you make a purchase. By doing so, you should not have any issue with the quality you get from it.

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There you have our best women’s sandals in 2022 list. At this point, you should have an easier time choosing the right quality of product to get for your needs. We hope we were able to help you pick the perfect item you need.

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