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Best Womens Shorts Casual in 2022


If you need to update your wardrobe, we invite you to check out our best womens shorts casual in 2022 list. These shorts are great to wear not just at the mall but even on the beach, the park, or elsewhere. You will love the relaxed fit of these casual shorts. Pair them off with your favorite shirt or tank top, and you will look great. Take a look at our featured items to help you get started with choosing the right product for you.

Casual shorts come in different materials. But if what you look for is a smooth and soft fabric, cotton is your top choice. Usually, this material is combined with elastane and polyester to keep it stretchy. Thus, you will be able to move with ease while wearing your shorts. Next, check the fit. Shorts vary in terms of fit such as slim, relaxed, or a looser fit. This is why your choice largely depends on what your preference is. For instance, curvy women would want a more relaxed fit while a slim fit is great for flaunting your physique. Additionally, you need to take a look at the size chart. This enables you to determine the right fit for you. You need to check the width and the length of the shorts.

Best Womens Shorts Casual in 2022

As a result, you will be able to know what to expect from the product once you make a purchase. Browse through our list of the best womens shorts casual in 2022 below. Here are our top picks based on their features and overall quality. Check them all out and discover the right one that suits your needs best.


10. Amazon Essentials Chino Shorts

Made of the finest cotton, these chino shorts are just as comfortable as how you want them to be. There is a button closure to securely fasten the shorts on your waist. These shorts are 14 inches wide for a nice, comfortable fit. The in-seam is mid-lenght. This is why we recommend these shorts if you are leaning more towards a casual, versatile style.

Curvy women may want to go for one size larger than their usual size. These shorts are a bit on the slim side, so you will have to size up. As for the fabric, we think it is cute and stylish. Truly a bang for your buck.

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9. Amazon Essentials Bermuda Shorts

Another high-quality shorts to consider are these Bermuda shorts from Amazon Essentials. These come with secure button closure. The overall vibe of these shorts is stylish and modest, which is absolutely elegant. There is a zip fly that goes well with the button closure. The side pockets are off-seam and perfect for storing small personal items. As for the rear pockets, these are more of a decorative piece to the shorts.

If what you want is an everyday wear kind of shorts, then this product is perfect for that purpose. The waistband is great and the buttons are pretty solid. However, the front portion is a bit tight. Otherwise, we love how soft and smoothe the material is.

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8. UNIONBAY Delaney Shorts

In terms of style and functionality, these Delaney shorts from Unionbay are great. The cotton and spandex combo keeps the shorts smooth and stretchy at the same time. This is the perfect outfit to wear in the summer during your beach outings and parties. Most importantly, these shorts are easy to maintain. These are machine-washable for ease of keeping them clean each time.

What’s great about these shorts is that they are a little on the roomy side for the thighs. This is why it should be easier to move about with these shorts. If this is the kind of fit that you like, then you will definitely not have any issue with this product.

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7. Amazon Essentials Chino In-Seam Short

Women who love chino shorts would appreciate this product. It offers a classic fit with a mid-length style for the in-seam. This is why these shorts are truly versatile and casual at the same time. There is a zip fly combined with a button closure. The side pockets are off-seam and the rear pockets are decorative and trendy. You can choose from different lengths for the in-seam, which should match your needs just fine.

These are excellent shorts that are a little more on the longer side. The material just appears to be slightly thinner than normal. But there is no doubt that these are cool and comfy shorts you will love in your wardrobe.

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6. UNIONBAY Darcy Women’s Shorts

Another product in our best womens shorts casual in 2022 list is this one from Unionbay. The Darcy shorts are stretchy with a relaxed fit. These come with a zipper closure to keep the shorts nice and secure around your waist. The fit is great, and you will find these shorts ideal for your casual outings.

Overall, there are so many things to love about these shorts. They are undeniably cute and practical. You will find them perfect for your summer wear while achieving a trendy look. Thus, we cannot recommend these shorts enough for your needs.

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5. Beroy Junior Casual Shorts

If what you prefer are casual, yet classy shorts, then the Beroy shorts are perfect for this purpose. These shorts come with back and side pockets. You can easily place your phone, keys, and similar items in it. The fit is comfortable and mid-rise. This is why you will find these shorts quite flattering to your figure.

Just make it a point to check the size chart before you purchase these shorts. This is very important to ensure the perfect fit that suits you. Otherwise, these are well-made and comfortable shirts that can last for a longer time.

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4. Hybrid & Company Bermuda Women’s Shorts

Stretchy and stylish, these are outstanding women’s shorts from Hybrid & Company. The materials used are a combination of spandex and cotton. You will love the beach-vibe of these shorts, offering a relaxed fit. You can pair these shorts off with a flowy top and a trendy pair of sandals. There are belt loops, which allow you to achieve a customized fit.

If you are a fan of loose-fitting shorts, then you will love this product. The material is smooth and the fit is comfortable. This is why it is a great outfit for women looking for a versatile pair of shorts that they can wear just about anywhere.

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3. SweatyRocks Summer Casual Shorts

At first glance, you will find these shorts quite cute and girly. This is why it makes it on our best womens shorts casual in 2022 list. The materials used are cotton and polyester. This is why these shorts are stretchy, soft, and smooth. There is a frilled waist, which allows you to flaunt your feminine side. You can pair off these shorts with a tank top or a shirt. As for the pockets, there are 2 on the side. We also love the self-tied belt to keep the shorts secure.

There is no doubt that these shorts are truly perfect. The design is cute, and you can even choose from different colors available. This is why we highly recommend this to anyone looking for a stylish and functional pair of shorts for everyday wear.

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2. Amazon Brand Girlfriend Chino Short

Another chino short in our list is this one from Amazon Brand. It is a cotton short with a bit of elastane material mixed in. Thus, the result is a comfortable, stretchy, and stylish outfit for the summer. The front pockets are functional and there are welt pockets on the back, too. If you are the type who are not really comfortable with shorts, then this product is ideal. They come with a relaxed fit without appearing sloppy.

Our only gripe about this product is that it is a bit too large. This is why we recommend that you order one size smaller. By doing so, you can get the perfect fit that suits you best.

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1. LEE Relaxed Fit Women’s Avey Shorts

Last but not least in our best womens shorts casual in 2022 list is the Avey Shorts. This product from Lee is well-made and high-quality. You will feel confident and comfortable while in these shorts. The fabric is the right blend of stretchy and classy. It should be easy to move around with these shorts. If you want a modest pair of shorts, then this item is good for you. They are great for those beach trips or a leisurely stroll in the park.

What is not to love about these shorts? They are classy and comfortable – a well-made pair of shorts for every woman. Just make it a point to check the sizing chart to determine the right size for you.

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There you have our top 10 best womens shorts casual in 2022 reviews. By now, you should have a better idea of the finest quality shorts that will fit right in your style and everyday wardrobe.

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