Why Is Australia The Best Study Destination? 


I had always dreamed about studying abroad since I was in high school. United States and United Kingdom were on my list when I was striving to get budget for oversea university. Unfortunately, I did not get any luck. The reason I was after top famous universities was that I wanted to extend my horizon academically and personally. Not only was I able to learn comprehensively, but I also could travel and experience many different things that would enlighten and broaden my life. Moreover, obtaining a degree from top best university would certainly promise me a great and well paid job. Yet, I did not think about any best university in Australia.

Although I had spent many years at Australia Center for Education for general English degree, Australia universities were never on my list, honestly. It could be because of the news on deadly crocodile and terrible bushfire that scared the hell out of me. Or it could be because none of my brilliant friends were boasting about Australian universities. Technically, they were more on the discussion about Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton, Oxford or Cambridge. The alumni were a huge help for university on branding, obviously.

However, I changed my mind after I had enlarged my acquaintance and knowledge about the world. I picked up the habit of reading about the world specifically on culture, politics and economy. Soon after that, I started to like Australia more and more. Eventually, I found out that Australia hosts a great deal of top qualified universities which promise a great life experience and qualified degree. Not so long, I was living my dream when I passed the interview for a Master’s degree in Communication and Media Studies at Monash University in Melbourne.

Why Is Australia The Best Study Destination? 

1. Top Qualified Education System – Making it the best university 

In 2019, QS World University Ranking ranked seven universities in Australia as the world’s top 100. Independently, the QS World University Ranking uses high quality and innovative approaches to research and analysis data for their annual ranking and publication. It is the most trusted and used in the world when it comes to university ranking.

Australian universities offer a wide variety of courses and degrees in addition to research opportunity. Specifically, if you are interested in research, Australian universities are the best higher education you might want to go to because they are specialized in extensive research programs.

Basically, all universities in Australia offer English program in all majors. Who does not speak English in this globalization era?

One of the things I like most during my time at Monash University was the excellent student support services. I was impressed by how well they took care of me before, during and after I took my degree. The student support service was so helpful in making my preparation for arriving at Monash University so smooth. I was frightened as I did not know anyone in Melbourne. However, after I had exchanged a few texts, I received all the information I needed to make a right informed choice for my two year stay in Melbourne academically and personally.

Last but not least, universities in Australia offer scholarship opportunity to their students. Approximately, Australian government annually gives out $200,000,000 for international scholarships.

2. The Best University With Employment Opportunity

Australian universities receive world recognition as the top best qualified institutes producing qualified professionals in their respective areas. Obviously, people who have graduated from Australian universities are very potential and most wanted by major companies in the world.

Because Australia is a country with multi cultures and nations, you will find yourself surrounded by different nationalities at school, work or even park. Doubtlessly, it is a great opportunity for networking. Who knows? Your professor or your classmate might connect you to an industry that is looking for a job as an Art or Creative Manager in Shanghai. Once, my professor asked if anyone is interested in working in Shanghai.

Unlike other countries, Australia allows international students to work 40 hours maximum every two weeks during semester. Yet, you can work as much or as long as you want during semester break. This is the best chance to earn some extra money to help with your tuition fee or personal travel.

3. Cultural Diversity

Precisely, the world knows Australia for education and travel destination. Hence, you will obviously see a big number of international students across all universities throughout Australia. Sydney and Melbourne would be the most preferred places for international students. However, you will probably to be able to see people from your country in Perth or Cairns – the more calm and relaxing regions.

Australia holds a community of different countries. Many international students feel like home within their community where they can go to for assistance and even ritual. During my two year stay in Melbourne, I was able to meet people from my country, joined party and ritual and even made new friends from various nationalities. Apparently, the mixture of culture and experience make people realize that the top university to study is in Australia.

4. Amazing Country

Studying oversea is not only about study, it involves learning about culture and travel in addition to experiencing different new things. Luckily, Australia offers an affordable living cost, yet it depends on where you live and your living standard. Sydney could be one of the most expensive cities. However, the Sydney tower, Bondi Beach, Opera House, Harbor Bridge and the food at fish market are worth the stay. Personally, I prefer Melbourne because of the weather and food. The weather in Melbourne is very accommodative. You can do both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year. For instance, in winter my husband enjoyed skiing at Blue Mountain while my kids were always fancy with snow.

Australia is extremely safe wherever and whenever you go. I often stayed late with friends for a drink during my first few months in Melbourne when school work was still light. Yet, we came home safe and sound every time. I had a lot of long and multi day road trips where we could enjoy the scenery with peaceful mind. Australian people are very helpful. They would stop the car and asked if we got lost. They were tolerated with my slow driving skill and always offered a helping hand.

I have been to many different cities including New York and DC. However, Melbourne is my most favorite city when it comes to a convenient public transport. The public transport is very easy to use with a lot of choices and routes. You will not get lost with the mapping system in Myki app. The app gave me an ease of travelling locally. Exciting news – now they have mobile Myki where you can go cardless and even topup with your mobile.

5. Infinite Lifestyle

Understandingly, being an international student, you might feel lonely. I did feel lonely when I first arrived. However, the feeling faded away speedily because there was a great deal of variety of activities I could do in Australia. Having a car is not necessary, but if you want to do a road trip, it is not a bad idea to have your own car. Australia permits international students to drive with their own country driving licenses. You can rent or buy a car to enjoy sparkling oceans, beautiful mountain ranges, the outback or even wildlife sanctuary. If you are fancy on nightlife activities, there are a lot of places to go for a drink.

If you are kind of a nature person, you won’t miss an abundance of wildlife in Australia. Wherever you go, you will meet handsome kangaroos, cute koalas and adorable quokkas. If you are like me, you will like something like skydive, surfing, snorkeling or even scuba diving. I always found time for myself to be lost in botanic gardens and tulip farm in spring. Melbourne Cup is where you will definitely want to go if you fancy sports.

The Bottom Line

Australia hosts top best university –  its top qualified education system and the employment opportunity for its graduates. Moreover, people know Australia for its cultural diversity where you will definitely run into people from your country while meeting up with new different nationalities. You will get a huge help from your community and school. The country is incredibly amazing with its variety of food, wildlife and convenient public transport. The lifestyle is infinite and you will never feel bored or run out of things to do.

What To Prepare

So are you ready to pursue your study and expand your experience in Australia? If you are, below is the list of what you will need to prepare to make your study and life successful.

Search for top university in Australia related to your field 

Do your own homework when you are looking for the best university in Australia. Technically, each university is famous for its specialized course. For instance, Monash University is famous for Science, Engineering, and Technology and a couple more.

English proficiency

Because all majors are in English, the university requires you to pass a certain English proficiency. Most universities require that you have overall score of 6.0 of IELTS with no bad less than 5.5. This requirement may vary based on each university’s preference or subject that you will be studying.

Do some homework on your chosen location and area

If you have any preference of what city to go, you can do your own research of that place by reading and talking to people who have been or live there. This will help prepare you in advance. No one wants to move from one place to another, let alone spending time to research a new place all the time.

Read about Australia’s laws

Spend some time to familiarize yourself with Australia’s laws including traffic laws if you plan to drive. It is better safe than sorry.


To get you started smoothly, you should take note all orientation activities in order to get to know your school well, to meet new people and especially to know where to go when you need help in the future.Most top university in Australia offers orientation class a week before they start class.

Open to new experiences

Although you read a lot and prepare yourself for new experiences in Australia, you will inevitably meet unexpected things or feel alien at some point of time. Be open to something that you did not expect and just embrace it enthusiastically.


Start saving and explore scholarship opportunity from certain university. In addition, Australian Awards funded by Australian government provides full funding for students to study in Australia every year. This is a great opportunity that comes once in a life time.

The Bottom Line

You should prepare well before you start your journey in one of the top best university in Australia. Do some research to find the best university that is world famous for your subject in Australia. Make sure you meet the English requirement your university requires. Study about the area that you are going to stay and the local law to avoid breaking any rule, even a minor one. Be prompt to enrol in orientation activities to get to know people and school while being open to new things.

What To Expect

  • Weather: people know Australia for its wildlife and weather. If you are from a hot country, you will enjoy its summer. However, the weather in Australia can be unpredictable sometime. Be sure to check weather quite often if you plan for a certain activity. You might have to wear jacket in summer. It is fun, I can tell you.
  • Driving: familiarize yourself with driving rules. Remember to drive on the left side.
  • Charming Shorten English: you will be surprised, yet fall in love with sweet shorten English. Australians speak a lot of words in shorten form which you will learn eventually after a while.

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